Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My calendar is not sticking to my fridge.
What should I do?
A: The surface needs to be more moist. Use a wet paper towel and wipe it again. You cannot get too much moisure. When you wipe it smooth, you will wipe away the excess water and airbubbles.

Q: I wrote on my calendar with a dry erase marker and I cannot get it off!
What should I use to remove it?
A: Unfortunately dry erase markers are like using a permanent marker on static cling vinyl. I have had a few customers tell me that a 'magic eraser' has removed it, but I have not had success with it. Washable dry erase markers will come off, but you need to scrub fairly hard. You can purchase a new grid on our website for $7

Q: What do you do with the 31 when the month only has 30 days?
A: I cover mine up with the smiley face sticker! But I do know it really bugs some people. We now have a page of number strips available that have two #3 strips, one with the 31 and one without it.
A heart strip with 4 conversation hearts that you can use to cover those extra days at the end of February!

Q: I love your calendar, but I have a black fridge!
A: You are in luck! We now have our CC Grid printed on white static cling as well as the clear! Same Price! You can find it by clicking 'Extras' on the leftside and scroll down to extra grids.
I have often been asked to print white lines on the clear, but that still does not solve the black fridge problem, as you still cannot see what you write, but the white static cling works great.

Q: I received my order and there is an item I did not order inside.
A: Consider it a bonus! Sometimes when I create new items, the first couple of prints aren't exactly the way I want them. I have been throwing them away, but it seems so wasteful. They can still be used for the most part, so I thought, why not let my customer have a 'freebie'? If you don't want it, you can throw it away! Some of my boo-boos are simply one item on a strip that I forgot to put a cutline around, but the rest of the designs are fine. Or maybe the color did not turn out the way I thought it would. ENJOY my mistakes... or not!
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What can I do if I lost one of my months, a number strip or a holiday sticker?

Just email me with your address and what you are missing. I will usually have what you need without you having to replace it by buying a full page. There is no charge - just remember 'Creative Clings' when you are looking for a great gift!!
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