Logo marker
You get 2 markers for $4.00
Our Logo marker is now available for ordering!
Now you will be sure to pick up the right marker for your CC calendar!
$ 4.00

Vis a vis Black marker
A black Vis-a-Vis wet-erase marker for use on your CC static cling products.
$ 3.50

4 pk Markers
Our 4 pk of markers includes Black, Red, Blue and Green. They are Vis-a-Vis wet-erase markers to use on your CC static cling products.
$ 8.00

8 pk Markers
The 8 pk Markers include, Black, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and brown. Caution: The red and purple CAN leave a color behind so be weary. Customers have said that a magic eraser CAN take it off.
$ 12.00

Extra Grid
Need a new grid? I love to have 2 calendars on my fridge, one for this month and one for next month. You do not need another packet, just an extra grid and another set of numbers. Order one today! You will love it!
Available in 3 sizes of the Clear or 1 size of the White for black refrigerators! Now you can get a narrower grid for your French/Armoire door fridge! And the side by side grids are already cut for your 2 doors!

Sizes: full - 24" x 15", SS - 15"x15" + message side, French - 13.5" x 15" + message page.
$ 7.00


Extra number strips
Lost some of your numbers? We have moved the number strips onto a page by themselves, so it is easy to get a new set. These strips are for 2" squares, like the CC grid. Order some today along with an extra grid!
$ 4.00

End of Month Numbers
End of the month Number Strips!
$ 3.00


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