Menu Chart
New CC Menu Chart!
A blank chart with 3 columns for days, menu, and a grocery list.
When do you start your week? Monday? Set up your chart for YOU! Days of the week, NEW!, Surprise!Leftovers and even a few flowers!
HAVE FUN! with your menu planning! A wet-erase marker is also included. This product is printed on clear static cling.
$ 10.00

Rocket or Sky Chart
Space background with Rockets or Sky background with helicopters and airplanes.
Chart is 6" x 8".
$ 5.00


Birthday Chart
The CC Birthday Chart will help you remember all those birthdays you keep forgetting! It is a whole year at a glance, printed on static cling vinyl, like our CC Calendars. You write on it with a wet-erase marker, and it will stick on any smooth surface. Put it next to your desk today! A great gift, also!
$ 8.00

Job Chart
Our Family Job Chart has room for 4 names and 4 chores. It is made of static cling vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface.
How handy to keep it on the fridge!
The packet includes:
1.your job chart
2.a page of chores
1/2 are pictures for the youngsters
that don't read yet
1/2 are words for those who do
3.a page of reward stars and days of the week.
If there is a chore that you need
that is not included,
just write it in!
$ 16.00

Racer Chart
Our Racer Chart is just the help you need with that little guy. He will be so proud when he puts his race car on the track! You can use his chart to reward him for good behavior and follow with a treat for each sticker! The Racer Chart is also a handy, effective potty chart! It is made of static cling vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface-- the fridge, bathroom door, etc.
$ 5.00

Princess Chart
Our Princess Chart is perfect for your little princess. She will be so proud each time she decorates her crown with a butterfly! You can reward good behavior and follow up with a treat for each sticker! The Princess Chart is a great potty chart, also. It is made of static cling vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface--the fridge, bathroom door, etc.
$ 5.00

Extra Job Chart Page
Need more space for more kids or more chores? Or use one chart for daily chores & one for weekly chores.
$ 5.00

Extra JC Stars
Need more reward stars?
$ 4.00

Incentive Chart
A small chart to encourage good habits or good behavior.
A handy small size that you can easily stick on the bathroom mirror to encourage toothbrushing and other daily grooming habits.
$ 5.00


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