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4 designs available from $23.00-28.00.

DECEMBER SPECIAL!! FREE 2014 mini-calendar with each calendar purchased in December!
$ 0.00

CC Fun Fonts Calendar
Everything you need for the year! and you can use it over and over, year after year!
$ 28.00


Jorja Calendar
NEW!! Just in time for Swiss Days and the coming holiday season!
The 'Jorja' design is fun and festive! Artsy with lots of personality, like the young lady it is named after! The calendar packet includes your calendar grid, logo marker, number strips and 3 pages with month headings that have fun background designs, a few event icons and colorful words to mark your holidays and special days.
$ 28.00


Jorja Packet
The Jorja Packet comes with the Jorja pages, number strips and a wet-erase marker.
$ 23.00

Jorja Pages
Jorja pages are available to give you another design for your calendar!
$ 20.00

CC RL Calendar
The CC Calendar with Renae Lindgren art is sure to be your favorite! It includes everything you need for the entire year, including your wet-erase logo marker. It is so fun and crafty. Just what you have been looking for! It is also made of static cling vinyl, so it will last you for years, just like the original CC Calendars do!

Buy today for only $23.00!
$ 25.00


CC Original Calendar
The Creative Cling Calendar is a fun calendar printed on static cling vinyl. It sticks right on your refrigerator! No magnets or glue, it is a perpetual calendar with fun holiday and special day graphics. So handy right in your kitchen, you can write on it with your wet-erase logo marker, included, wipe it clean at the end of the month and set up your new month. You will use it for years!
$ 28.00


CC Biz Calendar
A great calendar for a business setting, or those who don't 'care' for cutsie.
Three pages in black on clear static cling, with month headings, holidays, birthdays and other special days. A calendar grid, number strips and wet-erase marker are also included.
A handy calendar for break-rooms or on the file cabinet next to your desk!
Choose cursive, print or custom order your favorite font. Want a custom font, but not sure which one? After you place your order, go to - take a look at Kayleen's fonts - choose one and email your choice to
$ 25.00


CC RL Calendar Pages Only
Do you have a great calendar system you love? but want to add some fun graphics to it? The CC Renae Lindgren calendar pages are 3 pages of month headers and birthday & holiday stickers. They printed on static cling vinyl, so you can use them on any smooth surface!
$ 18.00

CC Original Calendar Packet
Do you have your own calendar, but want some fun graphics to add a litte color? The CC Original Calendar packet comes with everything the Calendar kit has, except the grid. You get 3 pages with month headings, and birthday and holiday stickers. Also included is a page with number strips.
$ 23.00

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